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Message to

Investor Plaintiff Attorney

Last Updated September 1, 2020

Dear Plaintiff Attorneys:

This message is to plaintiff attorneys representing who held stock in the company after February 13, 2020.

You may use the 2020 Federal Disclosures, Why It Matters and Open Letter to Investors (forthcoming) webpages as foundation to establish causes of action, if any, against MTY Food Group, it board of directors, Cold Stone Creamery and or others. In addition, we are currently drafting a memorandum of law with regulatory and evidence citations only, for various causes of action that will soon be available in the Attorneys Only section. This document is intended to aid plaintiff attorneys in civil litigation. This website intends to report potential regulatory violations to Canadian and U.S. officials with the assistance of various attorneys who are knowledgeable in the relevant area of concern.

To summarize, our opinion is as follows.

MTY allowed numerous acts of false statements and non-compliance to persist within its organization to maximize profits. When those acts were reported to the company by this website, the company disclosed them to the public. Their stock plummeted. Ten days later, before market opened, the company told investors the allegations were “baseless”, were “dealt with in the past” and that CSC—its largest sales producer—would always grow. We believe we have sufficient evidence to prove those statements were false. As evidence investors relied on MTY’s false statements, the company’s stock soared in trading that day, following the announcement, despite a slightly down market.

Two weeks later, Forbes published an article suggesting MTY’s statements were false. The stock plummeted causing shareholder to lose $1.1B between the whistleblower announcement and March 18, 2020. (Though some of the stock’s decline was simultaneous with the COVID-19 market effect, we’ve placed a model in the Attorneys Only section as work product that estimates the allocation due to the whistleblower allegations may be over $500M.)

Plaintiff attorneys representing securities investors who relied on MTY’s statements and suffered subsequent losses, are welcome to contact us for additional information and access to the Attorneys Only section of this website.

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